November 17, 2008

UFC is Cool?

Even though I love action movies, I've never really been a fan of live-action spectacles. Boxing is a sport that feels dated to me and my generation. It reminds me of a young Mohamed Ali, a pre-grill George Foreman, and people like Sonny Liston (he might be a saxophone player). I also have never gotten into UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). I always thought it was just two dudes wresting in a cage, and I'm not that into that.

This all changed Saturday night. Maybe it was the fact that the night before, I had just saw the testosterone driven "Quantum of Solace", or the fact I was watching the fight with some of my fraternity brothers from school while I was drinking mad beer, but I loved the UFC championship match of Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture. In case you were wondering Couture is the small dude getting his face smashed by the gigantic giant Lesnar, who is one of the frightening people I have ever seen. As for Randy, he reminds me of Santa Clause (no idea why).

There was something so crazy about just watching the two dudes compete. I felt like I was at the Coliseum, watching Maximus fight that dude with the tigers (minus the bloody ending). I liked the thrill of the fight, the roar of the crowd, and the fact that at any moment the fight would end. And while the fight was short (2.5) rounds, it was satisfying.

So perhaps I'm starting to like UFC, maybe this is part of growing up?

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