November 22, 2008

Saturday Nerd Post: Lara's Back

A big chested impossibly good lucking heroine avoids booby traps and fights exotic monsters. This is a sentence that gets teenage boys drooling and studio exec salivating. On paper the concept of "The Tomb Raider" franchise of movies, video games, and comics makes plenty of sense. Males of almost any age are into those things, and some women are into the female empowerment thing.

Since it first came out in 1996, there have been two movies, 16 video games, and a comic book series, yet the whole series never has been as face meltingly awesome as it should be. The video games were a little too buggy, the movies a little too silly, and the comics a little too objectifying.

The new video game is coming out now, so here's hoping it lives up to that initial promise

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