November 5, 2008

R.I.P Michael Crichton

Two days ago, the world lost a brilliant creative mind. Mr. Crichton had the gift of looking at the world around us, analyzing where it was going, and then writing extremely entertaining novels about it. His stories had human drama, but also quite a flair for the theatrical (and I'm not talking about Willy Shakes).

"Jurassic Park" was one of the first books I ever read that I considered an adult book. It had swearing, sex, dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs, and more importantly dinosaurs eating people. In fact, I will say that Crichton bridged the gap from children book's to adult books for me.

Out of all his books, I would say that Timeline is the best. The amount of research jammed into that book is astounding. It is full of diagrams, footnotes, and appendices. A great read. I'll miss his writing and his imagination.

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