November 23, 2008

Jack's back, the entourage continues, and the blood stay's mostly true

Last night on the television was a big one. Two popular shows ("Entourage" and "True Blood") ended their seasons and one hugely popular show returned after being absent for more than a year ("24"). I'm going to briefly share my thoughts of each of the three. Starting with the worst and ended up with the return of the modern day action hero, Jack "Torture Me" Bauer.

Just as plenty of girls flock to NYC to seek out their "Sex and the City" dreams, complete with Mr. Big's and cupcakes at Magnolia, "Entourage" is the same, except it's with dudes migrating to LA to seek money, power, respect, and babes. It's about friendship, sex, power, fame, fashion, more naked babes, and money. That being said, the season finale was decent, but not good enough. I don't care for Vinnie Chase cause he's a movie star, his problems are nothing compared to the rest of the world. My teachers at school always said "raise the stakes" and when you're a movie star trying to get a role, it's just not that interesting compared to saving African refuges.

This show, new this season, is "Twilight" for grown-ups and kid's who can get through their cable box's parental codes. Full of sex, blood, and violence, yet also jam packed with strong characters, the show has been a pleasant surprise. The finale was decent and wrapped up the major plot threads, it did a decent job of setting up next season, but it didn't pack that oh damn, shit, I gotta call my buddies moment as most finales do.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, so good to have my boy Jack Bauer back on the TV, taking names and getting tortured for the good of others. Full disclosure here, I'm straight monkey bananas about this show. I see past all the politics, improbable plot lines, weak seasons, and ultra-dramatic story arcs and see it for what it is. Pure, action spy dankness (that means good). This "movie" or warm for the new season was just what I needed. You had bad villians, new tag lines (Kill the Cock-co-roach!", and Jack Bauer throwing dynamite at bad dudes. The washington DC scenes were interesting enough to set up the season, but the real star here was Jack, saving the world, one African refuge at a time (he's even giving out scarfs). I'm pumped to have this show back. And those people who are counting, I think Bauer took down about 13 dude's last night. Hopefully the people at 24 kill count will keep track.

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