November 25, 2008

I saw Twilight, yeah, I saw it

I mean it's not like I'm bragging about when I'm watching 24, drinking beers, and playing Gears of War 2 with the fellas, but yeah, I saw the vampire chick-flick fantasy film. And I gotta say, it's an effective film for it's core audience.

The core audience in this case are the women in the audience who were losing their shit whenever "hair man" Robert Pattinson graced the screen.

But by far the best scene in the film is when the vampires go play baseball in a thunderstorm. You see they use the crack of thunder to hit the crack of the bat as they crank monster hits. Of course, their superior vision, strength, and speed make it so even garguantuan hits are merely doubles or singles. Basically it's what the MLB would have become if steroid use was encouraged and required.

I'm sure that somewhere in the great graveyard of movie villians, Dracula is watching this scene and thinking, damn, dude, I never got to play baseball. I coulda hadda shot. But, I shouldn't shit on the movie, the ladies loved it. Me, I'm sticking with "True Blood."

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