November 19, 2008

The Hate Problem with Prop 8

Proposition 8 is a state ballot proposition in California to define marriage as between a woman and man. Simply put it would outlaw gay marriage. Now I don't want to get to sucked into the moralistic debate that is gay rights. I will say I support gay people and the fact that people would discriminate or seek to deny them rights is un-American and wrong. I mean I'm from Boston, we were doing this Gay rights thing when Californians were deciding to elect John Matrix (that's Arnold name from Commando) as governor.

Now that Proposition 8 passed, the shit is really hitting the fan. Recently there has been a movement by people opposed to proposition 8 to gather voter information, and then protest anybody who supported it. The list is posted online. Check out this article here about the "list."

For example, take Scott Eckern, the artistic director of the California Music Theater, recently resigned to protect the non-profit organization when it was revealed he was on the list. Dude straight up lost his job because of his political standing.

For all the people who oppose Prop 8, doesn't the practice of going on witch hunts for people who oppose their beliefs to go with the very ideas of the Proposition, mainly discriminating against people for their beliefs?

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