November 2, 2008

The Halloween Fallout

So Halloween has come and gone, and we have 362 days till it all happens again. Here are some things I have noticed about Halloween in LA.

1. Traffic wears no costume: Rumors are swirling that the traffic downtown was gridlocked for over 2 hours. I don't understand why people are surprised about this. I mean when people think of LA they think of 1. Movies 2. Weather. 3. Traffic. It does not stop because you managed to score a great Obama costume, it's always going to be there.

2. Accessories are key- Cookies, I saw a girl dressed as a Stepford Wife (WTF?) and she had a basket full of the dankest chocolate chip cookies. I also had a good friend be a breathalyzer and give out custom readings. I was a summo wrestler and the only thing I was giving out was belly bumps. In thislalife, you gotta have that accessory, it's like having an agent if you're an actor.

3. Girls wear sexy outfits- This is not a LA thing, but a global thing, if Halloween is even global.

4. Dentist Business Booming- I hate the dentist, place smells strange, I don't like getting prodded, and I've had some bad experiences. But I gotta hand it to dentists, their job must be hard. Candy usage skyrockets during Halloween, driving consumers to the dentist. Beer drinking (a major cause of cavities) also rises. We in and they win.

So until next year, I hope you had a great Halloween weekend. See you for Judgement Day, tomorrow.

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