November 10, 2008

Great LA Debate: Window's Down or Up

Unlike, New York, the public transportation system here in Los Angeles is weak sauce. The consequence of this is that everybody drives everywhere. This leads to a wide variety of problems including smog, traffic, and whether you should listen to the radio or a mix tape. And then there the classic question: windows down or AC on?

1. AC- You can make like Mr. Freeze and seal the windows tight, and get those climate controls so precise you'd make Al Gore jealous. The benefit to the AC is that you are avoiding the heat. While the outside world may be sweltering you are locked away from the outside world in your own little refrigerated cocoon. The negative thing is that according to urban legend, or common knowledge AC wastes more gasoline. And if Al Gore is correct, the more gas you burn, the hotter the world will get, and quicky we will be living on "Waterworld" . It's a vicious cycle.

2. Windows Down- I'm sorry if the picture representing windows down is not as cool as the Mr. Freeze pic, but it's a great picture of a car with plenty of windows down. The benefits of having the windows down is that you can let the outside world in. You can hear the sounds of a city, smell the California air, and share your choice of music with the world. Make no mistake, if I'm on sunset, I'm bumping the freshest tunes. However, in the LA heat, with windows down, sometimes the heat can be unbearable.

The Verdict: Windows down, I'm doing as my ancestors did, air conditioners are for houses.

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