November 21, 2008

Friday Preview (Dogs, Vamps, and Drugs)

Dogs, vampires and superheroes, that is what we are working with this weekend at the multiplex. When you think about, that trio is almost guaranteed to deliver a hit. Throughout history, adorable dogs, blood sucking vampires, and buffed out superheroes typically deliver the goods, so why would this weekend be any different? Makes you think, when is the movie about a the vampire dog with superpowers coming out?

First up you have the
new Disney flick "Bolt" starring the voices of John Travolta ( a little note here, people make fun of Travolta for being a scientologist, but the dude was in "Broken Arrow" and the 7th grade classic "Face/Off", so he's legit in my book) and Miley Cyrus. I'm not going to see this in theaters, but if I watch it with my little cousins at Thanksgiving, I won't be complaining.

And of course, you have the "Twilight", the teen vampire romance action spectacular. It stars "hair man" aka Robert Pattinson and is about a chick that falls in love with a vampire in the
same town that Rambo is from ( I don't know if that is true, but the towns look the same). People are pumped about this movie, but when I say people, I mean girls who are dreaming of the day a dashing stranger who may or may not be a vampire sweep them away from their boring life. I had one of the books once and was going to read it, but my buddy's girlfriend snatched it from my possession. Tough break or a blessing in disguise?

And finally we have "Special", the new super hero starring Michael Rapaport as a guy who takes a test drug and may or may not have gained super powers from it. Rapaport is great character
actor who has been in many great films including "Higher Learnings" and the TV show "Boston Public." The concept of people doing drugs and thinking they are super-heroes is not original. Damn, I know some people who have smoked weed before and thought they had x-ray vision (dude I can see my bones dude, I'm tweaking out).

The Verdict
: Go see Bolt, it's Disney, it's a dog and doesn't involve vampires or drugs. It's good clean fun.

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