November 7, 2008

Friday Movie Change up

Role Models
This movie takes every good aspect about comedies from the last couple years and puts them all together. Stifler, McLovin, Paul Rudd, and The Director of Wet Hot American summer all are up in this flick. And then there's Ronnie, who as the foul mouthed child, I expect to steal the show.

Soul Men
The later Bernie Mac, the iconic Issac Hayes, and the eternal badass Samuel L. Jackson star in this flick about soul singers who get back on the road. It has some decent buzz, and I hope it is a fitting tribute to Bernie and Issac. However, the recent lawsuit may damage the tribute.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
In the first film, millions of lemurs drop science on the dance floor to the sound of "I Like to Move it." Considering that song was the anthem ten years ago, I'm thinking they will be dancing to "How Bizarre" by OMC, which if are not aware, was and still is the jam. A good pick for the whole family.

The Verdict: I'm going with Role Models here, let it be know that I am a dude who thinks that Stifler is one of the greatest movie characters ever created and that that part is Anchorman where Paul Rudd calls his Johnson the Octagon is comedic gold.

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