November 5, 2008

The Brighter Day

Here is a list of the things that will happen , now that change has come, and Barack Obama has been elected President.

1. People will
believe in America again.
2. Millions of children around the country will believe in hope.
3. People around the world will have faith in America and it's ideals.
5. After being inspired from the grassroots campaign of Obama, Californians, hopeful for the future, will work together to eliminate
traffic from LA.
6. Feeling anything it is possible,
Tom Brady, will start on Sunday and score 38 touchdowns and win the game 266-7.
8. The Change Machine All Star Band will begin practicing for the Inaugural ball. The line-up will comprise of the following artists. Bruce Springsteen,
Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder,Will Smith, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Common, and Pearl Jam
9. Jack Bauer will realize that he is a product of Bush Administration policies, and in a shocking turn in
episode 3 of the new season, will quit the military. His new career path, community organizer in LA.
10. Aliens will come to earth to tell us how cool we are for making the right decision, then leave, but then they'll come back for a minute, and be like "we forgot to give you the cool cure to all your problems.
Welcome to Earf!
11. Everyone will believe in Santa Claus, well everyone who wants to or once believed in Christmas magic
12. Thanksgiving this year will be the best meal since
the last supper, and I will crush everyone in my family in the weight gain competition.
13. Rappers
Nas and Young Jeezy and any other musician who wrote a song about Obama will breathe a sigh of relief
14. Arnold will start making movies again. His first movie will be "The Power of Hope", an inspirational commando drama starring
Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Ludgren, and himself.
15. Realizing that it brings people great joy, the government will give the people vouchers for
Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The thrill of rock and roll will fill the land.

But seriously, I don't want to take anything away from this moment, I just can't wait to see what comes next.

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