November 25, 2008

Batman is Dead

According to numerous real news sources, Batman is going to die today in the final issue of his current comic run titled R.I.P.. Written by Grant Morrison, the current run of the comic has Bruce Wayne finding out some nasty truths from his past.

First things first, let's me real here. Batman is not dying, people die in comic books all the time. Superman died, he came back, sure he had to deal with some bullshit (alien supermen mainly), but the dude's back. Captain America died, he's back, I mean you think can kill the American spirit. Hell naw.

Second off, the timing of this could not have been better. Warner Brothers, which owns DC comics is having a Batman spectacular. First this comic event happens then The Dark Knight comes out on DVD and fanboys around the world explode in a brilliant burst of Batman love and spending.

However, the comic book geek in me has to get one thing out here. This "death" has the potential to be interesting because Batman is one of the most grounded superheroes. There are no powers involved here, so a death to the character would have to result in two things.

1. Resurrection: This would take the character into the realm of the supernatural, something that Christopher Nolan and the boys at Warner Brothers Pictures do not support.

2. A New Batman: Bruce Wayne such a huge part of the character. His guilt drives him, so anybody taking over would be strange.

Either way, DC and Warner Brothers are at a crossroads. I'm saying old Bat's will be back. Maybe even in time for the new Batman film.

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