October 21, 2008

Welcome to the future says TWITTER

I am happy to say that thislalife, will now be providing content for all you twitter users out there. For those who don't know what twitter is, first off, don't worry, in due time, you will know what it is, it's like one those things (facebook, myspace, tamagotchis).

Basically twitter is like a mini blog update. You can subscribe to a twitter feed of your someone, something, or anything and get quick short updates throughout the day. So if you could subscribe to President Bush's twitter feed you'd get updates about biking, chilling with Laura, jogging, and how pleased he is about his great new movie. Check out this movie below if you need more explanation.

I will be updating it as much as can, and I will not be talking about what I'm actually doing, I'll try to keep posts upbeat and funny, with the primary intention of making you smile. Fear not readers, I will not be drowning you in LA life. We don't want to become like this guy.

So enjoy it, twitter will be huge in the future, so enjoy it because for a brief moment you can live the future in the present. It's kind of like Terminator, minus Judgement Day.

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