October 17, 2008

The Sex Drive of Presidents who want Max Payne on Bees (Friday movie Wrap Up)

This is a movie about hard partying southerner who somehow becomes President, and gets in way over his head. No, it's not a comedy, or maybe it is a comedy, I guess it depends on how you look at life in the United States now. Anyway, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Josh Brolin as the man who is so infamous he now is referred to be one letter: "W." Kind of like Zorro with the "Z." By the way, some right wingers say this film was funded by shady Chinese investors. So thrilling!

Sex Drive
This is a movie about a guy who goes on a cross country odyssey to score a young girl. I have heard this story a million times before, and it usually ends with Chris Hansen, a TV crew, and a serious jail sentence.

Max Payne
Adapted from the video game of the same name, this is a movie about cops, guns, and slow motion. Wahlberg plays the cop with nothing to lose, who kills everyone who gets in the way of the investigation of the murders of his family. While I'm a big fan of the game, this looks bad. Go rent the forgotten classic "The Big Hit" if you want some badass Wahlberg.

The Secret Life of Bees
This movie is about a young girl, played by Dakota Fanning, who goes to live in the country with her caregiver. I won't be seeing this movie, except, as I usually mention, if it comes on an airplane, and the person next to me is extremely annoying. It's not that I think that this will be bad, it's just that I'm not into bee movies. But since we are talking about them, check out this classic clip from "The Wicker Man."

Verdict for the Week: Go see "W", or rent "The Big Hit."

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