October 25, 2008

Saturday Nerd Post: Nightwatch & Daywatch

The concept of good and evil has fascinated mankind for eternity. Whether it is a talking devil and a talking angel on John Belushi's shoulder in "Animal House" or the book of Genesis, good and evil is everywhere. It's a theme that flows in the pages in the greatest novels, fills the frames of the most powerful movies, and resonates in the conflicting tones of great musical pieces.

Film Director Timur Bekmambetov (who recently made "Wanted") has made two wonderful movies that capture this conflict between good and evil: "Night Watch" and "Day Watch." I will not even try to explain how bananas these movies are, let's just say they are about the struggle between light and dark, and they are Russian.

The fact that the films are Russian is the most interesting part for me. Something about the films is just different in a way foreign films have never been for me. The characters speak differently (I'm not talking about language), the sense of humor is warped, and the direction is heavily stylized.

So check out these movies if you want to have your mind blown, but I'm warning you, you may feel inclined to turn it off because it's so different. Not bad, just not what you are used to.

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