October 31, 2008

Movies that scared me when I was a kid (and I was a wuss)

Now that Halloween has come, I'm sure you all have been reading lists of the scariest movies ever. I'm going to switch it up and tell you the scariest movies that were not supposed to be scary, but freaked me out.

1. E.T- Say what you want about it being cute, when I was little this movie had me bugging out, cockroach style. That part where those dudes come to his house, and they are wearing space suits, and take ET in Quarantine had tweaking out first grade style.

2. Contact- Jake Busey plays some religious nut job who doesn't want "these scientists talking to our God." He sneaks into the recently constructed alien machine and looks at the camera smiles like only a Busey can and blows himself up. My young impressionable mind was fried like eggs in that moment.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- Boat Trip. Tunnel. What. The. Shit. I saw this movie and was loving all the candy, and then, we go into a tunnel and all hell breaks lose. Millions of kids are scarred for life after this scene. Don't remember, check it out below, and enjoy the wonderful trip down memory lane.

4. Flight of the Navigator- Since they got this from the public library, my parents figured it would be safe for kids. Well, this movie is a total time travel mind warp that had me thinking I was going to get stuck in a alien spaceship, come back to earth and all my friends would be withered and have no memory of me.

5. The Truman Show- I saw this flick when I was in seventh grade and I haven't been the same since. The film is not scary, but the idea, that everyone around you is just acting and your life is TV show is enough to make a middle school kid more paranoid that kids getting high for the first time. "I'm tweaking out man, my life is a TV show."

Oh yes, if you were missing the usual post, "Zack and Miri Make A Porno" comes out today and it could be worth seeing. Don't bother with anything else.

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  1. Flight of the Nav was the BOMB. There are parts of that film that are imbedded in my brain. We had a VHS copy of it recorded from a TV broadcast, so classic. SJP has never looked hotter as well, lets watch it soon