October 4, 2008

Mark Millar, Nerd of the Moment

While this picture is not nerdy, the man on the left, is the most sought after nerd in Hollywood as of late. His name is Mark Millar and while he looks like some type of study abroad leprechaun, he is the biggest comic writer around.

He wrote the comic that "Wanted" was based off. His next movie "Kick-Ass" based off one of his comics comes out next summer. He just sold another comic series "War Heroes." He's riding high now, and even rumored to be writing the new "Superman" which is going to be more like "The Dark Knight" than the last one (which was pretty
"Mama Mia" like).

That's about all I gotta say, he's just a comic nerd who is making some great stuff. I'll be back tomorrow with a new trailer.

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