October 13, 2008

LA Disasters

Woke up to hear about the fires in LA this morning. I could see the smoke from my internship this and it was gigantic. My heart goes out to the people affected by the fire.

Back in the East people worry about blizzards and Nor'easters. Other disasters don't really effect us. We haven't had a hurricane since I saw "The Island of Doctor Morreau" at the theaters in 1996. And I can't remember the last major "aw shucks, I'm going to be shoveling snow for hours" blizzard we've had either. I've been in some crazy thunderstorms, but nothing compares to LA disasters.

If the disasters back home are "Island of Doctor Morreau", then the disasters in LA are "Citizen Kane". First you have fires, which are biblical in their power. No one in the Bible is talking about Nor'easters coming through and torching the land. Then you have earthquakes, where the ground trembles and all hell breaks loose. Once again, extremely biblical.

It's nice that it does not snow in LA , it's nice that it is always bright and sunny, and it's nice there are heavenly beaches nearby. But the price is you gotta deal with some forces of nature. Let us hope the fires stay contained.

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