October 23, 2008

Jack Sparrow J-Walking

While its true, driving in LA can be a process that can be as frustrating as a Rubik's cube, sometimes little things happen that make it bearable. For example, yesterday I was driving home on Hollywood Blvd and Jack Sparrow cut me off (on foot, not in a pirate ship), I guess when you are a pirate you are allowed to do anything you want: chase down pirate booty, maintain gnarly dreads, and jay-walk around Hollywood. This just the way things go in LA.

We have people making money to play characters for the camera that other actors get paid to be in front of the cameras. It's some type of meta-actor conundrum that would make a psychology professor's head explode under the weight of it.

But alas, street actors is just part of living thislalife. I see them everywhere, whether they are trying to go to Davey Jones locker by walking in front of cars or taking pictures with strangers. It was weird that I saw Sparrow the day they announced Pirates of the Caribbean 4. And even crazier that High School Musical star Zac Efron is apparently going to be in it. Either way, check out this classic video of street performers who cross the law.

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