October 27, 2008

Girl Talk in LA (It aint about Gossip)

This past weekend I was getting primal in Hollywood. I mean primal like "Congo" style. I was at the "Girl Talk' concert and it was something wild. If you don't know, Girl Talk is a DJ who has rocks parties by creating mash-ups of popular songs. In one song you could hear Kanye West, The Band, Blackstreet.

Girl Talk is a perfect example of what music can be in the 21st century. His songs are made up of samples, but they are elaborate works of music, check out how many songs are put together in the link posted above. For his latest CD, most fans probably did not pay anything, effectively reducing the need for a record company, but those fans did pay for concert tickets.

And finally, one of the staples of a Girl Talk show, is that he lets people on the stage. For someone who is part of the generation who missed the golden era of rock and roll, this decision to let the fans rock out on stage, made the concert even more insane. Gone where the security guards that crushed any fan that tried to get the stage. At this concert, everyone was welcome to partake in reverting to back in the day. Back to the day where concerts were massive parties. Back to the day when we were animals.

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