October 9, 2008

Friday Movie Wrap Up: The Express

The Express
- This is a film about legendary Syracuse running back Ernie Davis. It's a true story and I'm personally guaranteeing that it will deliver the goods. Of course, the goods vary on what you seek. But if you want an amazing story that happens to be true, this is the one.

Body of Lies- Judging by the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has moody sunglasses and looks like he just stepped off the set of "The Departed", you know he's going to be a badass in this flick. Basic story has Russell Crowe playing supervisor to Leo terrorist hunter who may or may not be based off of Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, or even the grand terrorist hunter himself: our current president.

City of Ember- This is a film about a future world underground that's power supply is dwindling. Two teens have to find a way to start up the city's generators. Of course this whole movie is a giant metaphor for the failing economy and the two teens are metaphors for the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana.

Quarantine- This is a film that claims it is the recovered footage of a news team who was stuck in a quarantined building that contains flesh eating zombies. I swear, these news crews, also getting themselves stuck in bad situations and then sticking around to record it all. At some point you gotta turn the tape off and stop thinking about the Emmy and start thinking about getting out alive.

Weekly Verdict On What You Should See: The Express

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