October 8, 2008

Favorite Movie: The Lion King (I'm proud of it too)

"The Lion King" is my favorite movie, and I'm not afraid to say it. If you are thinking I'm some sort of super wuss because my favorite film is a Disney film, I also like "The Godfather", but who cares they are basically the same movie. Let me break down why this movie is still the best.

1. Simple yet compelling story- The story follows the classic theme of facing one's destiny. This theme is everywhere in literature and films. Luke Skywalker, Michael Corleone, Batman, and my main man Simba all suffer setbacks and then rise up to meet their destiny.

2. Classic Animation- PIXAR is great, but there is something to be said about old school animation. It's like going to an art gallery and watching the paintings move inside their frames. PIXAR is just like watching a video game.

3. Hakuna Matata- In case you haven't realized it Timon & Pumba are the headiest characters in a Disney movie. They don't do anything except chill out and eat. They are the Cheech and Chong of Disney movies. They're just a bunch of bro's living the good life.

4. Lions- Tell me one reason why lions are not cool. This story would never have worked if it was the "The Deer King."

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