October 9, 2008

Favorite Book: Of Mice & Men

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is my favorite book of all time. I remember, when Mr. Morton, my 7th grade English teacher, who looked like Mr. T gave it to me. Let it be known that Mr. Morton once erased the board with a kid.

Of course he did not tell me about the intense ending or the rabbits, but that did not matter. The writing was simple, Steinbeck is not an author who gets caught in gigantic words. He does not need complex language to wow you, just raw human emotions.

Such a great story, just two men seeking the American dream and all the crazy roadblocks that get in the way. Of course these roadblocks can get pretty huge, how huge, how about one of the main characters "shaking" someone to death, huge.

I do not re-read books like some people do. While I have seen "Bad Boys II" multiple times, I have only read Of Mice and Men once. I don't care of the story in "Bad Boys", I care about Mike Lowrieeee smoking fools. Yet with this book, I care about the emotion that Steinbeck conveys, I really feel for George, Lenny, and the rabbits.

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