October 15, 2008

Can a city exist if it doesn't have an accent?

When people find out I'm from Boston, the next question is usually, "Where's your accent?" I explain to them I grew up in the suburbs, and I don't have an accent, but I know people who have wicked thick accents. And then they get excited that I said wicked, and before you know I'm turning on the accent, talking about packies, staties, and bubblas. They are dismayed when I don't talk about parking the car in the Harvard yard, yet to this day, I have never heard anybody say that. The Boston accent I know usually is something like this.

"Yeah me and my boy Sully came up from Revea, stopped at Dunkies, gawt a lage turbo with extraa cream and suga guy, had to see Youk and the sawks"

But here in LA, there is no accent, at least none than I can hear. I guess you have the prototype surfer accent.

"Yeah, me and mon Sullivon, came up from Huntingtong Beach Brah, stopped an got some green laatees mon, and went to the banks, and got straight pittied, mon, it was righteous"

I hear no one talking like that here, if I did, I would lose my mind in excitement, because it would confirm that I all the lessons I learned from "Point Break", are true. Alas, there is no accent, maybe this is because this seems to be a city lacking in natives. A city full of dreamers who are seeking glory, and also a city full of people hiding their accents, waiting for their moment in glory:

"First off, I wanna thank the Academy, and all my boys up in Kwinzee. Gotta thank my naybiz who used to moah the Jawn. Thank my loya, and my wife, she's ben with me for ova 25 yeaahs"

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