October 16, 2008

"And some t-shirts"

Last night in the debate, John McCain mentioned how he was offended by certain t-shirts worn by Obama supporters at his rallies. These t-shirts could be the ones referring to Sarah Palin as a "c-word" or ones similar to the one I found above (you can buy it here). And finally, one of the greatest things about this campaign has been recognized: ALL THE COOL T-SHIRTS. And it is obvious, that the real issue here is that McCain is furious that his supporters are not making fly gear with him on it. Check out this shirt (buy it here)

In case you were wondering that is Obama "teabag" dunking on McCain. I mean that guy could be President, and there he is throwing it down like he's Paul Pierce in Game 7 versus Lebron. I can see why McCain is heated, no one likes getting dunked on, whether you're a politician or that foreign dude that Vince Carter destroyed back in the day. Another Obama shirt that I love is this one (buy it here).
Everything the Obama campaign represents is on one T-Shirt. I'll break it down right here.
1. Obama is cool- he's on the ones and twos, scratching records, cutting, mixing, whatever you want can imagine. In real life, he is a nasty basketball player and a big Jay-Z fan.
2. Obama is a leader- DJ's are literally the leader of the party, Obama is the leader of the democratic party.
3. Obama knows technology- Obama has been running the most technologically advanced campaign ever, so therefore he knows how to make magic a turntable.
4. Obama is cultured- Good DJs drop science with hot beats from a wide variety of genres. Obama is multi-cultured candidate who relates to people across racial, cultural, and class divides.

So McCain is pissed about T-Shirts, this is the best one he has running right now.

If he wants to win, he better get on that T-Shirt design committee, and have those mavericks come up with some cool ideas.

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