September 5, 2008


After years of watching movies, writing about movies, making movies, and annoying my friends with my nasty skills at movie trivia, I have made it to LA. For those who don't know, my name is Tim and I'm new to this west coast scene. I grew in the East, the land of snow, the land trees who's leaves change color, and the land of thicker accents. I'm here in LA to make movies.

I have been putting my thoughts to the page for four years now for the Syracuse University paper and I'm not about to stop. Here is a continuation of my views that I developed in college. I'll be talking about everything from LA life to movies, TV shows to politics, video games most of all what it's like living in a state where your governor once did this on film

So I guess that's what this blog, a way for me, like Bennet to let off my steam and share my thoughts with everyone. Dare I say, "I'll be back."

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