September 16, 2008

This Deez Life

Deez: diesel, as in full of energy of power, huge
The Deez: The one and only MceDEEZ, aka McDonald's

On my way home from work today, there was a massive traffic jam. As I inched along, I realized that the line was coming from the drive through at the local Deez. Cars were lined up in such vast quantities that they were spilling into the street. The drivers just had it, you know what I'm talking about, that Deez Craving.

Deez Craving: that feeling where you want the Deez real bad. You're stomach is saying, yeah, that would be the most accommodating food right now. But your brain is like "Ah, hell naw, I saw "Super Size Me", I'm not doing this."

The Deez, has played a major part in my life. When I was little I loved Happy Meals. In 5th grade I gave a "miny beanie baby" from a happy meal to my fifth grade girlfriend (yeah I was smooth like that). In High School I would visit it with my buddies before our midnight curfew. In college I would hit it up almost daily when I was pledging. And now, it's just a part of my life, kind of like drinking water, except it has more flavor.

So yeah, I'm not a good blogger cause I didn't snap a picture of the scene. It did remind me though of how good the Deez is. I ate there last week before a job interview, and while I was the only person there in a suit, my #6 super size made me forget all about that.

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