September 30, 2008

Pirates are real (how cool is that)

With all the wild news this week swirling around the stock market, the congressional bailout, the election, and the playoffs, sometimes a story so damn cool just slips through the cracks.

So, in case you were worrying about the future of the financial industry let alone the country, you probably did not hear about the freighter ship full of TANKS, GUNS, & AMMO that was boarded by pirates in the Indian Ocean.

As a kid you learn about pirates (well kids now probably just watch metrosexual Johnny Depp Pirates) but, then you find out the harsh truth that they don't "exist" anymore. Well let those childhood dreams roar back into existence because according to CNN, pirates are alive and well. And just because they have no sails they are inherently the same. Still break the law, still plague the Indian oceans, still have weapons, in other words, they are cool as hell. However I would never want to meet them on the high seas. I'm sticking to meet hot maidens.

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