September 17, 2008

Palin Celebrity Scandal Continues

Today it was announced that Sarah Palin's email has been hacked. As I mentioned previously, Palin is a tabloid celebrity, not a 100% politician, and you're not a real tabloid star until you've been hacked (Ask Paris Hilton). But there are a number of issues related to this story that I find immensely disturbing.

1. How- For someone who wants to be Vice President, you'd think her online security would have been a little better. I mean, these people could have been accessing this for a while, they only recently posted it, what else do they have? Do all government employee's have easily hackable emails or is Palin just not up on her Internet skills (OMG! LOL <---Lame Joke). 2. Impact on Political Process- So while this information was obtained illegally, it's in the public domain, in fact, I was looking at it earlier. But what precedent does this set for other political battles in the future. If everything is exposed in the future, what type of candidates will we have?

3. Hacker Knowledge- This just goes to show how little the general public knows about actual hacking. For the general public, hacking is something like the clip below. In reality it's a serious problem that our Government or future government does not know how to deal with.

I'll post tomorrow with my final post on this whole campaign celebrity issue.

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