September 8, 2008

No Jokes Here on Tom Brady

I don't care what Sports team you are rooting for, this Tom Brady injury is terribly sad. Tom's a great guy (I speak like I chill with him weekly), and it's tough to see him get injured. All I gotta say is this: For all you Pat's hater who were grinning like James Bond masterminds when we lost in the superbowl, I hope you're not having celebratory parties now that Brady is injured. This injury is not funny.

This is going to be one crazy season for a couple of reasons. For the team, it will be a chance to show how good they are. For Bill, it will be his chance to transcend his mortal coils as a legendary coach, and truly become Jedi like.

For me in Cali, I will be watching the games at local bars with strangers, but seriously, no Boston sports fan here in LA is a stranger to me, damn, pretty soon I'll be watching games with Affleck and Damon. I'll keep you posted.

The artist of that super cool picture above is Boston based Chris Speakman. You can buy his prints and see his stuff at this website.

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