September 23, 2008

Money, Cash, Bros

Everyone is talking about the potential bailout of the financial sector. I'll be honest, I have a college degree, read the news every day, and consider myself well learned in the ways of the world. But when the markets starting heading south like migrating birds, all my education and experience tell me one thing: People got greedy.

We live in a culture where materialism is key. Big houses, big cars, more houses in different locations, and nice clothes and toys are desired. In the 80's there was the mantra "Greed is Good," and people continued to ride this mantra out until now.

I see this potential bailout as a catch-22. On one side we are helping out the very people who caused this whole mess, and on the other we are potentially saving us from financial ruin. It's a tough decision.

From a 22 year old man's perspective, I think a lot of these fat cat CEO's should be bailed out and then live normal lives with extreme checks and balances. I keep hearing that these CEO's have lost their jobs as well and we should feel bad for them. Considering the lives they lead before, I don't feel bad that they may join the rest of the population. But if our government rescues these people and then they go back to their previous lifestyle and ways, that is wrong, something we can't let happen.

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