September 6, 2008

LA Driving (It's always a car chase)

So I've been here for a month and I've had to some serious driving. This is a taste of what the LA roadways are like.

And while the LA roadways are not always full of high speed car chases, they are full of people who want to be Sylvester "Cobra" Stallone. They also are filled with a sampling of the following characters.

1. An abundance of insanely nice cars. Insanely in this circumstance means Bentleys, Beamers, Benzos, Ferraris, Porsches, Batmobiles, Delorians, Ninja Turtle Vans, and every other car worth serious cheddar.
2. Maniacs who feel the need to drive those cars at ludicrous speeds in and out of traffic like they are living in that car chase above.
3. Assistants, runners, and assorted Hollywood rookies trying to get to a destination to make the maniac from #2 happy.

And then, like most things in the world, there is just everybody else. Everybody else who's just driving and living the West Coast Dream, whatever that means.

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