September 19, 2008

Friday Movies ( a.k.a. Summer Fallout Continues)

Lakeview Terrace

At one point in time, Samuel L. Jackson was a serious actor who wasn't famous for going beast mode on snakes and this film's director Neil Labute was making brilliant social commentary films. That was the past, now it's a whole new neighborhood. But seriously, evil neighbors who happen to be cops who get in disputes with neighbors about yard lights, swimming pools, and cutting shrubs. Sounds like suburbia, I'm not seeing this.


Yeah, it's about Igor, so it's got to have Frankenstein in it. I don't know that much about this besides the fact that I see this poster on my way to work and it makes Igor look like some gigantic baby who could potentially be a linebacker in the NFL.

My Best Friend's Girl

I saw Dane Cook perform at Syracuse two years ago and he was great. I was laughing so hard I could not remember what he said directly after the show. It was some type of mind trick. Anyway, that was two years ago, since I have not seen any of his movies except the highly underrated "Waiting."

That's about it for this weekend, "Ghost Town" is also opening but I'm not intrigued by it, well, I'm not really intrigued by any of these movies. More importantly "Eagle Eye" and "Miracle at St. Ana" come up next week, both of which look promising. Have a fun weekend.

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