September 26, 2008

Friday Movie Wrap Up

Eagle Eye
Shia, a.k.a. the "Indiana Jones" and "Transformers" golden boy returns with this action, paranoid, god complex, techno thriller. People are saying that it sucks, I say, the trailer is cool, plus Shia usually delivers a good flick. This movie is also the anti "Nights in Rodanthe", which is cool.

Miracle at St. Anna
After a great trailer, the buzz on this film has been surprisingly negative. The film is about the "Buffalo" soldiers, an African American unit in WWII. According to the film, there is a magic statue head, lots of evil nazis, and Italians in need of help. I'm just not that interested anymore.

As a kid, I payed some random dude 76 cents to take me and my boys to see "Fight Club. "Choke" is the newest adaptation from "Fight Club" writer Chuck Palahniuk and if it is anything like "Fight Club" it is going to be nuts. Who knows maybe I'll be the dude sneaking high schoolers into the film, just kidding.

Nights in Rodanthe
At some point in my life, I will see this movie. That time is not now. I hope that time is on some romantic evening, not an airplane.

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