September 12, 2008

Friday Movie Wrap Up

Friday is the day new movies come up, and new movies in theaters means people will spend tons of cash on them. It always blows my mind how much goes into movies. I picture some producer (maybe me one day) saying something like, "It's a low budget picture, only 15 million." 15 million is enough money to send me to Harvard for 357 years! Any let's look at what we got this week.

"Burn After Reading"- Yeah, it's the Coen brothers follow up to "No Country for Old Men," but after a summer of comedies, I'm a little burned out. (yeahhh, nice joke there). Maybe on dvd.

"Righteous Kill"-If you didn't know, that is 50 cent on screen with those acting legends. So I guess a movie with two acting legends, and one rap legend should equal a legendary film. Not so much. I'm not interested. However I am interested in 50's newest entertainment property: "5o Cent's Blood in the Sand" a video game where he fights terrorists in the middle east.

"The Women"- The only reason I bring this movie up is that they shot it back home in Boston. Otherwise, this movie is not for me.

There's some other stuff coming out, but these are the big three. I'd say this will be an off week for me at the movies, however I did manage to find Jimmy Cliff's classic "The Harder They Come" at the library. Jaaa man.

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