September 22, 2008

My Amigo Nico (GTA IV Wrap Up)

Grand Theft Auto IV Protagonist Nico Bellic

I couldn't kill Dwayne. He was in his apartment, not defending himself, waiting for death. I put down my gun, dashed out the door, stole a car, and drove to Playboy X's house. He called me all sorts of vile things, so I promptly threw some grenades into this house, blew up his boys, chased him into the street, where I beat him with a baseball bat in an alley.

Yeah, so that scene from Grand Theft Auto IV is super violent. If I'm certain of one thing after beating this game, it's that it truly is not for children. In the same way you wouldn't let a child see the "The Departed", no child should play this game. But like "The Departed", Grand Theft Auto IV is a masterpiece.

Never before has a video game presented me with such dramatic choices. Over the course of the game I was given many different paths. I could chose to date certain women, spare people's life, and take others. I did missions for characters that were well developed and moved through a living city. And most importantly I felt for the main character. His name was Nico Bellic and he was from the Balkans and had a trouble past. In a direct steal from "The Kite Runner", he sought a way to be good again.

I can see why people go bananas over this franchise. These people are telling stories, no longer are video games solely about getting from point A to point B, games now have real stories to tell. And while games have told moving stories before, never have they been so engrossing. Watch out Hollywood.

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