September 25, 2008

Adventures in CNN

So this morning I was going through cnn, looking for news on the economy meltdown, McCain wussing out on debate, and any other insane story I could find. And let it be known, I hit the motherload on CNN today. The first story I found was this one about some dude in the United States who mailed a package full of live snakes and spiders to a buddy in Australia. Talk about a care package, and for all of your sanity, I'm not going to make a "Snakes on a Plane" joke.
And it gets better, I click on the story. It's a great read, officials "seized" the package at the apartment. What kind of apartment is this? What do these people have going there? Is it some type of mini zoo? Mad Scientist? Either way, the story is totally wild. And I'm reading I see this banner on top of the page
Now, I have no idea what's going on, but the picture links me to a website called "Parents: The Anti Drug." Now I support parents stopping their kids from using drugs, but I was shocked at the methods described here for hiding your stash. In the picture we see a "soft drink can with false bottom" and my favorite "felt tip marker with concealed drug pipe." That is crazy, kids these days, I tell ya. They may be using drugs, but they are certainly paying attention in engineering and industrial design class.

Thanks for the adventure cnn.

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